Saturday, April 15, 2006

Don't try to be Casanova in Borneo Hinterland!

Read and remember this if you have a plan to visit East Borneo hinterland someday!

If you dating local woman and leave her instead of get married with her, you'd be fined. The fine must be paid to her parent. In the past, the fine should be paid with some ancient china/ceramic, or the local people know it as ‘gama’. The fine will be doubled if you dating someone’s wife.

“How much the fine I should pay?”

The fine decided refers to their ancient tribe law. Even there is no written law, the elder excellently memorize the details and easily decide the fine that should be sentenced to the ‘Casanova’. But don’t worry, you could pay the fine in a single payment or credit installment!

“It’s very hard to find ancient china at this century. Should I go to Christie in New York to find it?”

Since the ancient china/ceramic is a very hard to find, the elder decides you could pay the fine with money. Not long time ago there was a doctor come from Java island, and dating a local girl, but they are not getting married. So, the elder decided to fined the doctor about 10 million rupiah!

Recently, the local hinterland people tend to change the fine from money to household goods like chainsaw or boat machine (the main transportation in hinterland is river transportation). Wow, what a clever!

So, are you still want to traveling to East Borneo hinterland?

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